Bondurant Consulting is honored to be a part of Meetings Trilogy.  Meetings Trilogy is an alliance comprised of some of the most experienced and well known individuals in the meetings industry, providing a wide range of meetings related consulting and implementation services worldwide.
Services include:2012 PCMA Convening Leaders Conference

�  Meetings architecture, design and return on investment programs for meetings
�  Executive coaching for team leaders and executives in meeting management roles
�  Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) consulting, implementation and operations
�  Actionable reporting, data management and meetings technology consulting


Meetings and events are one of the largest areas of unmanaged spend in an organization. CFOs and CPOs are recognizing that strategically controlling this spend will result in significant savings for their company. Bondurant Consulting can help create processes that increase productivity, plug up spending leaks and eliminate redundant efforts in an organization's meeting program. Our services include:


In addition to Bondurant Consulting, the Meetings Trilogy team includes:             


Breining Group LLC is a consortium focusing on the development and production of effective meetings. Breining Group offers three primary services to equip planning executives to deal with the unprecedented change in the meeting industry. These service areas include Coaching and Training, Board Facilitation, and Meeting Design. Focus on these areas will ensure success for any organization ready to transform their meetings and deliver greater value to the people they serve.



Meetings Analytics helps corporations significantly reduce meetings spend and related operational costs while increasing compliance to corporate policy through sophisticated reporting, analytics and process improvement. Even in mature SMM programs using outsourced providers, we are able to identify millions in additional savings opportunities using our independent SMM audit processes. Meetings Analytics� work with global Fortune 100 SMM programs has also allowed us to create processes to fast-track new programs through a global spend assessment. We are independent and unbiased, and our data and reporting has been used in Fortune 50 six sigma projects related to meetings programs.


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